Monday, May 21, 2007

It's a Start

It's a start.
I want to talk about some of my loves. At the moment, Bill, knitting and travel come to mind. At this point in time, that is the order of importance.
I have worked at a yarn store in northern California for almost 19 years. This past March 31st I retired!!! I am sure I will be going back to work somewhere, but for a time at least, I am going to take it easy.
Guess what I did first....Bill and I took a cruise! Yes, we drove to LA, boarded the Island Princess and sailed to Hawaii. That is 5 days at sea, 5 days around the islands and 5 days home. Boy did I get some knitting done.
I knitted 4 hats for the troops (I will tell you about that later). I started a sweater, ripped and started it again (I will go into this also at a later date). I knit just about everywhere on board...I knit in the room (cabin) with Bill reading his many books. I also love to knit in one of the many bars. This is a great way to meet people!
Bill and I both love to cruise. We love the different ports and the calmness that the sea brings to both of us (even when the sea isn't calm!).We both had a grand time on this cruise...Very relaxing.